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Texas Outdoor Family

April 11, 2012

Learn about this program that teaches Texas families the ins and outs of camping

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Camping in Texas can be a fun family outing, but it can also be an intimidating and daunting task for those who have never been. Thanks to the Texas Outdoor Family program, families have the chance to learn the basics of camping and enjoy the great outdoors.

The outdoor family program is hosting a number of camping workshops in state parks across Texas, including two in and around the Houston area. During these overnight workshops, participants learn the skills needed to survive outdoors, including how to set up and break down camp, how to start a fire, and outdoor cooking lessons.

In addition, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will provide all the camping equipment needed as well as lead a day’s worth of activities catered to all ages. Activities are specific to each park location and include trail exploration, nature activities and various outdoor activities.

Texas Outdoor Family (TOF) workshops are hosted at state parks where your family receives hands-on experience learning basic outdoor skills. You will learn everything you need to create great memories enjoying the outdoors with your family, including:
  • How to set up and break down camp (including your tent)
  • Fire starting
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Guided walks
  • Nature activities
  • How to use a GPS
  • Geocaching
  • Introductions to a wide range of outdoor activities (such as fishing, kayaking, wildlife watching) depending on the site location, facilities and the season of the year

For more information on the workshops and this spring’s schedule, visit the Texas Outdoor Family Web page. Families may register by calling (512) 389-8903 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and speaking to a Texas Outdoor Family representative or by sending an email to [email protected] anytime. After registration, a confirmation packet with details will be sent.